Every day is the right weather for a photoshoot at Studio Motel. 

I'll shoot you

Book a portrait session now,
and I'll shoot your next best portrait for only 75 euro*. 

The shoot will take place at Studio Motel. Where you will have different backgrounds to choose from.You can even bring multiple outfits as you please, as you have up to 2 hours of studio time. So you'll have plenty of time to get comfortable in front of the lens and get that happy smile on. And of course we can have a chat and a drink before if you so please. So what are you waiting for?  Come over to Studio Motel.


*price may vary on chosen options.


Watch the never seen before music video of MacSwordfish - Twenty Two directed by Mister Motel.

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The Motel Times.


Wolves have been spotted in a parking garage in Utrecht. 3 guys had to run for their lives to escape the hungry wolves. 

Watch the video here!


While most people would be glad to own a car at the age of 25, this guy didn't only own his own house at that age, he actually owned a whole city.
"Everything you see here is mine" he said while standing in the middle of a with graffiti daubed street. Everybody else just left so I guess I just own this town now, he added. 

While the plans are to demolish the old town of Doel it's not certain yet what will arise in its place as the government of Belgium is still talking to investors. The latest news is that a power plant will come to the town of Doel. making place for new jobs.                    View photoset > 

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