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Mister Motel is always happy to make friends .
So with every studio booking you'll make this season
you'll get a second studio shoot for free! So you can come back whenever you like or you can give it away to a friend.
That way you both have awesome photo's.
Now that is what I call friendship. 

So what are you waiting for? 
Bring your friends! 


Every day is the right weather for a photoshoot at Studio Motel. 


Scream or whatever makes you happy.

Book a portrait session now,
and I'll shoot your next best portrait for only 75 euro*. 

The shoot will take place at Studio Motel. Where you will have different backgrounds to choose from.You can even bring multiple outfits because why just bring one? As you have up to 2 hours of studio time you'll have plenty of time to get comfortable in front of the lens and get that happy smile on. And of course we can have a chat and a drink before if you so please. So what are you waiting for?  Come over to Studio Motel.


*price may vary on chosen options.


Watch the never seen before music video of MacSwordfish - Twenty Two directed by Mister Motel.

Exclusively at
The Motel Times.


Wolves have been spotted in a parking garage in Utrecht. 3 guys had to run for their lives to escape the hungry wolves. 

Watch the video here!

Get Lost.

What is better than a clean studio background? A grimy city as the backdrop of your portraits of coarse! 

If you have a place in mind where you would love to have your portrait or music video taken, please get in contact with me. Because I'm always in for an adventure. I might even offer you a special discount if it's a really cool place.
So what are you waiting for? 


Fair food photography. 

When you think about food photography you often think about ads that don't resemble the true experience at all.
We all know the McDonald's menu photo's and the real food that looks in no way like the pictures.A chain like Mac D. can maybe get away with that but the fact is you are selling your customers a disappointment like that. If you don't even believe that your own made food looks good, why would your customers think different? 

I believe that good food can make for great photo's.
And I would love to show you how I make your food look as good on Instagram or your menu as it does in real life.


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